Vision Statement
REDEP's vision is of a time when positive changes in behavior have  taken place among all segments of the rural population (e.g  Ajumako  Enyan Essiam district) in terms of their relationships to each other and  to their environment. It envisages a healthy population from which  HIV/AIDS has been eliminated along with other diseases that are  endemic in the areas. Finally, it wants rural COMMUNITIES to be a place  where negative cultural practices are things of the past, and the  constitutional GUARANTEES of the human rights of all the people of  Ghana are respected.

Mission Statement
To provide resources and leadership to help the people of the rural communities learn to use their knowledge, abilities, skills and resources to improve their quality of life and that of future generations.

- We are deeply involved to help raise important issues or tackle problems
- We are committed to positive effects that our work with the  communities help to empower them
- Working at the grassroots level helps to provide assistance at the source
- We uphold integrity and transparency as our guide
- We seek collaborative partnerships

About Us

The Rural Education and Development Program (REDEP) is an all-volunteer non-governmental, non-partisan organization based in the Ajumako Enyan Essiam District in the Central Region of Ghana. REDEP was legally incorporated in November, 1999 and granted NGO status by the Department of Social Welfare in April, 2001.

Get in Touch

Rural Education and Development Programme (REDEP)
P. O. Box ML 904
Mallam-Accra Ghana, West Africa

Phone Number

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