REDEP is concerned about the state of the natural environment of the Ajumako Enyan Essiam district and is seeking ways to address problems in that area. Some obvious concerns in the district are the degradation and erosion of areas that have been deforested, followed in some cases by their being used as dumping grounds. This creates health hazards on-site as well as polluting the local water supply as the runoff from the dumps seeps into the ground water and streams.

REDEP is working through a community-based project for children and youths in cooperation with the local school administration to address this problem. The project includes instruction and activities that teach the need to respect the local environment and the importance of sanitation and clean water to the health of the community. In addition, REDEP maintains a tree nursery, which was started with funds provided by a grant from Cottonwood Foundation, New England Biolabs Foundation. Currently the project is being funded by the America Jewish World Service (AJWS)  The trees from the nursery are planted by school children along farm boundaries, on institutional and common land, along river and stream banks, around homes and on degraded wastelands. In addition, the children help with projects to improve sanitation by cleaning along stream banks and other areas. Their participation gives them an appreciation of the need to protect the local environment from damage, as well as how to improve it after it has been abused by improper use.

Rural Education and Development Programme (REDEP) is among the 20 project partners that supported Environmental Justice Foundation UK for their postcard campaign to protect climate refugees worldwide.


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The Rural Education and Development Program (REDEP) is an all-volunteer non-governmental, non-partisan organization based in the Ajumako Enyan Essiam District in the Central Region of Ghana. REDEP was legally incorporated in November, 1999 and granted NGO status by the Department of Social Welfare in April, 2001.

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